what a mood.

your best friend, older sister, or random girl in the bathroom stall.

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life coaching and dream chasing empowerment for females

But like, what is What a Mood?

It’s like lighting a candle. A heavy, almost headache-inducing, overpowering fragrance that takes over your body and soul. The candle is going to die at some point, most likely case: you’re going to blow it out.


That doesn’t mean you can’t feel uplifted in the hour you burn it for. That doesn’t mean you can’t feel like the whole world is going to be OK when you strike the match and fill your bubble with the essence of ahhh bliss.


I believe in the big things in life. I believe in mental evolution, social revolution, epiphanies, spiritualism, religion, politics, lightbulb moments, love at first sight, law of attraction, psychology, physiology, sociology, all of the ologies.

But before any of that, I believe in the little things. Like lighting a candle. Because without the small things we wouldn’t have the foundations to build anything big.


Changing the world starts with putting a single pen to paper, a finger to key...and feeling good starts with putting some dedicated time aside to make yourself feel good. Guess what? Feeling good is changing the world. It’s almost a social rebellion to love yourself these days, or to choose the light, feel-good emotions over the heavy, stress-inducing ones.


This website is going to be your safe place from now on. Better still, your happy place. It’s going to encapsulate the feelings of lighting a candle, running a bath, putting pyjamas on, climbing into clean sheets, shooting down the highway listening to your favourite song, kissing your loved one, stroking an adorably fluffy cat, the smell of cookies in the oven, the feeling of a freshly beaten face, draped diamonds on your neck, a perfectly fitting dress, the trot of your heels on the ground, the sun on your face, salty ocean in your hair, sand in your toes, a rom-com movie cuddled up, the chink of a champagne glass, the adrenaline in your heart when you’re having fun.


I have no doubt that made you feel a certain way in your chest. Well that glow and bubble in your heart is the most life-changing thing you can give yourself, if you just commit to giving it to yourself every day. 


Feeling good starts with setting the mood.

So light your candle and let’s go light the world baby!