Becoming the woman of your dreams

“Someone once told me the definition of Hell: The last day you have on Earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.” - Anonymous

Have you ever sat in a coffee shop and witnessed a powerful woman walk by and think “Wow, that girl has it all.” She walks with grace and confidence, smiles with poise. She talks with the right amount of kindness and assertiveness.

But it never occurred to you that this is what you were meant to be. Those little sparks of admiration and longing are actually your soul's way of telling you, this is what’s missing. This is who you were meant to become.

So many of us struggle with this empty void inside calling us towards something greater. Even if you landed your dream job or have accomplished everything on your list, there is still a sense of emptiness or unfulfillment. A lot of women call this the imposter syndrome. Even though you’ve succeeded, the success doesn’t feel yours. Yes, you got that promotion, but do you walk like the CEO that you are? Do you communicate and delegate like it’s your position to hold?

In your heart, you know you are meant to be the poised confident woman walking by the coffee shop that everyone stops and stares. Or the woman everyone looks towards for advice. And today you are going to find the courage to embody the woman of your dreams. To become the woman that other women and our children can look up to.

So who is your dream woman?

The only way to know what kind of woman you want to become is to look at the women that inspire you. Make a list of the women and traits within them that you truly admire. What traits do you idolize but struggle with? You may realize there are qualities you need to work on. And that is completely okay. If you want to speak more clearly and confidently, take a speech class. If you want to have her energy level, start eating healthier.

While doing this, it’s important to realise it is not them or their life you want. But rather it’s an energy you want to embody until it becomes a part of you.

There is only one you and you should never try to change that.

Rather, find the courage to become you 2.0. What is meant for you will come to you. And trust me, small miracles will start happening as soon as you begin to shift your mindset from the old you to the upgraded version of you. Your entire life will upgrade with you.

What do you value?

Once you’ve captured the perfect balance of your authentic self and the traits of the powerful women you admire, consider three values. Think about three morals or ideals that you will always stay true to. Consider what you want to be known for.

Do you want to be the woman that enters the room and says hello to everyone? Then you are welcoming.

If you want to be someone that never lies and is always true to who they are, you are honest.

Do you want to be someone that always encourages a less wasteful environment? Then you are sustainable.

Consider three standards that will define you, and no matter what direction your life goes, you will hold these true to your heart. Your values are the mark that you will leave behind for the world to admire even after you’re gone, so pick them wisely.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” - Anatole France

Embody your dream woman

Now that you have a better understanding of the person you were meant to become, step into that power. Embody her like a hug from your higher self.

The best way to do this is through visualisation. Before you get out of bed and entangle in the energies of the outside world, visualise yourself mirroring this powerful woman.

What does she walk like? How does she communicate with others? Is she a good listener? Feel her, believe in her and become her!

Soon enough you will walk by a mirror and not recognise this poised confident woman looking back at you.

Who were you before you made that change and what took you so long?

Practice and you will find yourself in the shoes you always imagined yourself to be in.

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