Challenging anxiety, overthinking & low mood

By now a lot of us are probably familiar with the feeling of anxiety or the concept of overthinking and low mood.

For me, anxiety has been a number of things. It has been challenging, scary and most of all life limiting.

Sometimes I feel like it’s a never-ending cycle of constant overthinking and worrying that just never seems to go away.

It’s almost as if I put myself in that situation by feeding myself negative thoughts and opinions about situations before they even happen. Or telling myself something that is my perception and not the true reality of the situation or scenario and then just boxing myself in and limiting myself.

After several restless nights I decided I needed to make some change in my life. I remember my doctor once telling me:

“Your brain is the most powerful organ in your body. Whatever you feed it – it does it. If you tell your brain there is something physically wrong with you, you will start to experience that. If you tell your brain you are incapable of x, y or z, your brain will generate thoughts, ideas and feelings to reinforce that."

At the time I didn’t really take this in, I didn’t believe it. I thought it’s “just how I am” – but that is furthest from the truth.

The real credit goes to my mum – she spent days and nights with me speaking to me about my worries and issues – and she still does! She would tell me to stand in front of a mirror and tell myself positive things, to learn a new skill and to meet new people. To pray, to find peace.

She is the reason I started becoming more mindful of my negative thoughts and feelings.

Whenever I caught myself saying something negative to myself I would immediately stop and think of the exact opposite. I would stop caring about this and that, him, her and them and remember to start living for ME.

I’d fill my days with things that make me happy, make me comfortable and make me smile instead of dwelling on the struggles of adult life. We know life is hard, we know being an adult & going out into the world is challenging – so why make it harder on ourselves by feeding ourselves ideas of doubt and negativity. Why tell ourselves “it’s just how we are” when it’s not.

See the thing is, you can be whatever you want to be – you can experience whatever you want to experience and nothing and no one in this world can tell you otherwise. Anxiety and low mood is not ‘curable’ and there is nothing wrong with experiencing it from time to time, it’s part of life to have ups and downs – but overthinking and deliberately pulling yourself down is not okay.

Lockdown – although a big challenge – has been life-changing for me and many others. I’ve picked up new skills, I’ve met new people (online) and I’ve learnt how to step outside of the box & challenge myself to become better, every day. I’ve set boundaries and I’ve established what makes me happy and what doesn’t. What works for you – only works for you. So think about it, think about the changes you need to make in your life to allow you to flourish and excel in whatever way you want.

The owner of this page (Lily) was initially my ‘inspiration’ of how I want to live my life – a ball of sunshine. Kind and confident, the type of friend you’d be lucky to have. I am so pleased to see her flourish through this beautiful website she has built through projecting her beautiful personality.

Point being – Find your inspiration. As they say “you are the average of the 5 people around you” so pick your friends wisely, choose the right energy for you, choose the right job, the right hobby – FOR YOU. Only you’ll have the answers to this.

Goodbye overthinking, Hello LIFE <3

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