Figuring out who I really am, and helping others to do the same

Self Development! What a passion of mine this is!

Everyone's self development journey is different and it is such a unique experience. There is something so powerful in understanding yourself and figuring out who you really are. What you actually stand for and what your core values are.

I’ve struggled with anxiety from the age of 10 and actually had no idea how to ask for help because that was just the ‘normal’ for me. I just assumed that every human that I saw and talked to felt exactly the same. That it was just the human experience and I didn’t really think much of it.

Around my mid 20s I felt like there must be more to life than daily panic attacks and thinking constantly that something bad would happen. That this was not how I was meant to feel.

Fast forward to me now being 28, few certifications in hand and having worked with amazing coaches myself, I now have an amazing understanding of who I am, and how my limiting beliefs that I literally created in my own head for so many years held me back.

I now have an understanding of my values and I know how to set boundaries in every aspect of my life.

I simply wake up with the thought of knowing that it will be a good day rather than seeing and looking for the first ‘bad’ thing to happen just so I can say "AHA I knew it! I don’t deserve to have happiness and a good day." - that’s all crap, I deserve to have AMAZING days full of things that make ME happy!

Now I’m not saying that I have it all figured out, to be honest, no one does.

But I know how to challenge my limiting beliefs when they do come up, I know how to speak kindly to myself and I simply know how to look at the bigger picture and focus on the life that I am creating for myself.

Life Coaching is something that not everyone understands the concept of as it's still relatively new.

A coach that will teach me about life? Someone that will tell me how to live my life?

I’ve probably heard it all, especially when I first tried to explain it to people close to me… who I’m pretty sure had no idea about what i was talking about.

Essentially a life coach is a trained professional who aims to help and guide you in understanding yourself, to be your most empowered self and to live a fulfilled life - whatever that may look like for you.

With my focus as a mindset coach I use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to help 'reprogramme' clients' patterns of thinking and behaving. NLP works on the basis of assessing a client's perception of the world and adapting our behaviour and reactions to enable us to live a happy, desired life.

I’m also able to understand my clients on a personal level as I have been them. I know what it's like to have self doubt and limiting beliefs hold you back.

Sometimes people have a misunderstanding between coaching and counselling. The difference between the two is that coaching focuses more on the client in the here and now, conducting sessions with the future as the central point to encourage personal development and self-improvement.

Counselling is a form of talking therapy associated with assessing the individual in the here and now, but working to determine past events that have contributed to their client’s current struggles.

I work with clients in 1:1 coaching sessions where we are able to do a deep dive and set goals as to how they would like to feel and what they would like their life to look like after working together.

The changes that happen and the shift in their mindset is absolutely incredible to watch and truly makes me feel the most fulfilled.

If I can inspire women to do anything it would be to invest in themselves and their self development. To spend some time getting to know themselves.

You are YOU and that is your superpower!

And no, you don’t have to feel stuck forever.

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