I'm a young Muslim woman and this is how I feel

I’m a young Muslim woman, and to many those are problematic words, seen as even dangerous.

Everyday I think about this, and everyday I work towards living up to not what the world sees that label as but to what I see it as.

More inclusive. Less stereotypical.

I feel it's important to raise your voice. YOU are a member of society and society won't change until you do your damn part.

Our generation has power, please don't forget to use it. The last generation favoured the male entity. Heck, even now it does. Look at our world leaders for instance. Most of them are men. And this isn't to put the male population down in any way, I think this generation is more aware and courageous than the last.

To the girls, don't settle for less.

Growing up it's always been “Women are finally allowed to run in elections! Yay!”. But, what’s the point if we’re not seeing them win? Granting permission to women is just the start, and it won’t suffice for the loss of representation either.

The children in my family are girls, and at first they pitied us and said they hoped we would get blessed with a boy, almost in the sense he would save us, to which I couldn’t stop thinking “Save us from what?” Are two independent girls not enough? Women are people too.

Make it normal for a woman to have a family but also do her job with her whole heart. Make it normal for a man to come home and give money to his wife without feeling like he shouldn't, make it normal for a woman to be happily single without bombarding her with marriage talks left and right.

Please keep doing good despite your gender identity, excel for the people who might never be able to, for the girls in third world countries who are forced away from an education. For your family member who's spent their whole lives adjusting to stereotypes, for your parent who's worked so much emotionally and mentally to give you space to pave your own path for yourself.

Instead of the “American Dream”, let’s make “Our Dream”.

Remember - just reposting isn’t activism, retribution isn’t activism, violence is not change, and nervousness is not fear.

There's no room for stereotypes anymore.

I’m hoping we can create a more equitable world for all. You’re in control of your choices, but the outcome part is where we all must keep hope.

I feel my own voice gets so buried, and to be heard we must continue fighting until the voices burst out of the sea in gasps of air.

I know how it feels, and I’ve had to advocate for my type of people because I feel few people know how it feels like to be me, and I’ve had to keep a lot of thoughts to myself, but I know people are ready to listen.

Go achieve your dreams, and for the students like me, don’t depend on school to drive you there (mine had materials against my religion). Your outer success can’t come from anywhere but yourself.

There are so many opportunities, and I’ve learned you must feed yourself.

Choose your leaders wisely. Just because we mostly have a specific group of people in power doesn't mean it should always be that way if it isn't working.

Wrong is wrong even if everyone's doing it.

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