The Law of Attraction is the most powerful placebo effect

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

To the Law of Attraction sceptic,

I am going to single-handedly pull apart the Law of Attraction theory, and at the same time prove my unwavering belief in it, so don’t get too comfortable in your stubborn, narrow-minded ways.

But what is the Law of Attraction? It’s the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. We are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe, like gravity! Everything can be broken down into particles and energy, including attraction - it’s basic physics, duh.

I remember learning in psychology all about an external vs. internal locus of control and being quite simply flabbergasted. What category did I fit into? To put it simply: an external locus is believing in luck and fate, and outside forces determining what happens to you. An internal locus is a more hands on approach. It says “I’m in control of my future, I can handle and dictate anything flown in my direction!”. I never knew what one I wanted to be more, as I believed in greater uncontrollable sources of power, but there’s always this desire to be strong and in charge of your own life.

When I tell people that I believe in the Law of Attraction, they look at me like I’m crazy. At one point I read a scroll three times a day in order to bring success and prosperity my way. It’s called The Greatest Secret in the World by Og Mandino and it claims that putting time aside each day to read and register the words in front of you will magically manifest your desires and bring forth monumental change!

At the time I felt as though it was really benefiting my life. A lot of good things happened to me. When I skipped it, my days were never as successful. Maybe this was psychological, maybe I was a complete and utter sucker. Maybe I’m a witch! Ha.

This got me thinking though. Perhaps it is all in my mind like a placebo is, but I’m not discrediting the law in saying that. It states from the off start that the basic premise in getting your desired outcome starts with being aware of the thoughts that are floating in your mind, then practising to think more of the desired thoughts and subsequently feel more of the desired feelings. Oh and actually feeling them as if they're real.

I found out something really interesting about the placebo effect which has made me feel even more amazed by the magic strings behind the Law of Attraction.

Definition of a placebo: a medicine or procedure prescribed for the psychological benefit to the patient rather than for any physiological effect.

I was watching a MuchelleB video (I love her videos!) and she spoke about a Reishi Mushroom liquid she was taking to make herself sleep better at night and how this seems to be working so far. She acknowledged that this could be a placebo, but then went on to acknowledge the power of the placebo. She spoke of a woman who had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and so her doctor gave her placebo sugar pills (to her knowledge) to see what benefit this made. When her IBS was cured, she asked for a repeat prescription of the placebo sugar pills because “they worked” and she didn’t have the same miraculous results when she stopped them. This is definitely a black and white logical explanation of how our mind is the most powerful thing for healing be it mentally or physically. It doesn’t matter where the effect is coming from (the actual pill or the woman’s mind) or how much the effect is rooted in “truth” (why does something have to be true for it to be real?) so long as you put all your focus on the concept of something actually working.

This woman knew that these sugar pills had no medicinal benefits, and still the motion of popping the pill in her mouth made her feel better. Was the pill treating her IBS? I'm not a qualified doctor so pass. Was she feeling better? Yes.

When you feel better, you get better. Ay presto, it works! So let me ask that again, was the pill treating her IBS? Absolutely yes! Don't argue with the logic of that one. It doesn't matter how it works, it just works.

That is the Law of Attraction summed up in a beautiful little nutshell. I’m not saying it’s fake, I’m saying that it’s all about energy, and putting all your money on the bigger powers at play.

If you believe in something, it is real. I can already sense the sceptics rolling their eyes at that, but hear me out.

If you believed in Santa as a child, he was as existing and living as any other person on Christmas Eve. If you believe in aliens, they are real to you. If you believe that a pill is working on your insides, it will work on your insides. If you believe that you can have anything you want in life, from a packet of peanuts to being a millionaire by the age of 23, it is on its way to you right now in the same way that presents were delivered under your tree on Christmas morning. I wouldn’t worry about whether it was Santa or your parents, I wouldn’t worry about how the pill ‘works’ on your insides, in the same way I wouldn't worry about how you're going to achieve all of your outlandish goals, just have faith that you will and let the Universe take care of the complicated aspects.

It’s like worrying about all the mass energy going on inside our phones when we click play on our favourite song. What happens then, Einstein? You don’t doubt the electrons or technical thingamajigs for a second, you just believe that your favourite song is about to come on, and that feels good doesn't it? It applies for every single thing you want in life - don’t get bogged down in understanding the logistics, and instead be happy and at peace with the idea that the world spins entirely for you if you open your mind and give it a helping hand. Do all the research you have to do in order to accept this but I’ll tell you this off the bat: the only reason you haven’t experienced it work for you yet is because you’re not tuned into believing it works.

To sum it up neatly: the Law of Attraction is having an unwavering confidence and belief in things that you cannot see or are not here yet, and once you do that, a wholeeeeee load of magic is summoned your way.

Circling back to the beginning, the Law of Attraction isn’t a passive or lazy choice that says “take the steering wheel Universe! I’m too meek to drive!” as many type A characters may argue. Funnily enough you can be both strong willed and a believer in abstract ideas!

To me, it is as active and hands on as an external locus as it takes serious willpower to train your brain. I’m teaching myself a new mindset everyday, because I want as much power as possible over what happens in my life. God dammit, I want a lot out of my life!

I don't read that scroll three times a day anymore because quite frankly it became an exhausting chore, and that's fine too!

The key is that this is a feel-good adventure, because if it doesn't feel good, you're on the wrong vibration, sugar. It doesn't have to be all lotions and potions and scrolls, just running a bath and eating some chocolate is an act of self love, which is the key element behind every successful person. All the answers in the world can be found in spiritual concepts or a bar of chocolate, completely your choosing.

It shows strength of character to be open to new ideas. Don’t be a victim of your mind, better still, don’t be a victim of life. Have a beautiful and cheeky love affair with it instead, you can keep the reason behind your fortunes to yourself when asked how you got them...

I hope your day is full of success, however you choose to go and get it!

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